Creating an Entertaining Closet

Because I enjoy entertaining, and have amassed a fair collection of serviceware, I decided to rededicate my former linen closet in favor of these items. (I was able to relocate my linens just across the way in a space that was being occupied only by a lone vacuum cleaner). Before creating this new storage space, all of my platters, vases, fancy glasses, sets of china, etc. were tucked in cabinets here, and storage bins there, and I would very often end up not using any of it because I didn’t remember where things were, or what I even had. Out of sight, out of mind. Now, tucked right behind folding doors in my hallway, I can quickly grab whatever I would like to use, or otherwise be inspired by my pieces that lay in wait on a clean slate. Here are some of my key entertaining favorites that I have stored in this closet.

  1. Collection of Glass and Crystal Vases — short and tall, wide-mouth and narrow, footed and flat for a great variety of cut flowers and greenery. My tiny crystal bud vases for little blooms live in a chest of drawers in our living room

  2. Pair of Silver-Plated Footed Serving Bowls — (seen better in the second photo) one small and one large, the smaller of which is nested and sitting on a piece of felt, the larger of which I fill with ice and display Champagne or wine bottles, and the smaller of which I like to fill with potato chips to serve with dip as a high-low contrast; they will tarnish over time, so a quick polish with silver cleaner and buff with a clean rag restores the shine

  3. Two-Tier Tray, Stoneware Serving Dishes, and Variety of Platters — the trays I use to serve hors d’oeuvres, the white stoneware pieces are oven-safe and for serving a variety of entrées and sides, and not pictured, but to the left of the first two are a stack of silver-plated, crystal and glass platters separated by rounds of felt that I use for cheese plates, cookies, and a number of other things

  4. Set of Etched Glass Water Goblets — fancier than a regular drinking glass, I love the sparkle of these on the candlelit dinner table when filled with water

  5. Crystal Taper and Pillar Holders — for lighting the formal dinner table, or weeknight takeout at the kitchen counter

  6. Bronze Flatware for a Crowd —I have a daily set of flatware that lives in a kitchen drawer, and a smaller set of gold flatware that I use for smaller formal dinners that lives in the dining room sideboard, but for a bigger group, I have a collection of inexpensive but luxe-looking bronze flatware that I keep in these Ikea flower containers that I can pop right onto the kitchen island to grab when serving for a bigger group in an informal way

  7. Sets of China — stored in uniform gray linen boxes and labeled, I have a few sets of china for different occasions that I love, one white, one gray with white fluted edges, one floral, and one deep emerald green, the first two of which are versatile enough to mix and match to be able to use for more settings

  8. Three-Tier Tray and Nora Fleming Charms — I use the tray for tea service and display sweets or savories, and it sits atop a box which holds my collection of Nora Fleming charms, a wedding shower gift from my aunt, which are so clever because they are interchangeable in a dedicated serving platter and I have about a dozen to cover any holiday or special occasion (Champagne bottle, pink heart, Christmas stocking, turkey, witch hat, etc.)

  9. Candles, Tapers, Votives, Pillars and Tea Lights — I have a little stash of scented candles (I have a fear of running out) that I love to have going in each bathroom, bedroom and living space in different scents throughout the seasons, I also have a supply of unscented tapers, glass votives and tea lights stored in a stack of nice boxes because I think candlelight is essential for entertaining

  10. Champagne Flutes and Wine Glasses — stored in a couple of Veuve Clicquot boxes I snagged from Binny’s which are perfectly divided for glass storage and a pretty pop of color, I keep my overflow of flutes and glasses in these boxes

IMG_3290.jpgCreating an Entertaining Closet | @beesandbubbles
Creating an Entertaining Closet | @beesandbubbles

What are your favorite entertaining pieces?

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