Where do you live?
I live in Lincoln which is on the prairie of Central Illinois with my husband, Nathan, and two Australian terriers, Sabrina and Teddy. 

Why is your blog called Château du Renard?
I loose time when gardening and decorating our home. Ever-inspired by all things French, we named our house Château du Renard after a visiting fox that dashed across our backyard the autumn after moving in. Little by little, we are transforming our 1969 brick ranch house, into a French-inspired château.

Who takes your photos?
Unless otherwise noted, I take all of the pictures for my blog. Any photos of me are usually taken by my husband or another helper. I use either my Nikon D500 or Olympus EPL-8 with a few different lenses, or my iPhone 12 Pro. All images on my blog are copyrighted. You are welcome to use my images if you link them back to my site. 

Where can I purchase items I see on your blog?
I try to provide a link for most items mentioned within each blog post. These items may also be found categorized on my Shop page. Links to products may be affiliate links for which I receive credit for the product shared if purchased. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.