How I Organize My Makeup

I have a little vanity in my closet where I get ready for the day, so here is where my makeup lives. I subscribe to the Kondo-ism that like should be stored with like, and because I really like makeup, I have a lot of it. I used to live out of a variety of scattered makeup bags, and before that, caboodles/train cases, and because I couldn’t see at a single glance what I had, I didn’t use most of it. I upgraded to this clear acrylic makeup cube and love that I can sort by category with the drawers, can easily see what I have, so then I tend to use it all. Also, because it is clear, I am encouraged to keep it tidy and clean, wiping up spills as they occur. While this cube sits on a little table adjacent to my vanity, I like that it could easily live on a bathroom countertop because it’s not messy looking, and feels like shopping a beauty counter at a department store.

Drawer Organization

  1. foundation/powder/concealers

  2. bronzer/blush/highlighters

  3. eyeshadows/lashes

  4. lips

  5. palettes, skincare, and a few hair touchup items (like dry shampoo)

The cube has a lid, but I keep it off to be able to organize these taller items. On my vanity are a few overflow items sorted by category: brushes, lip pencils and crayons, eye and lip liners/mascara, lash curlers, and brows.

How I Organize My Makeup | @beesandbubbles
How I Organize My Makeup | @beesandbubbles
How I Organize My Makeup | @beesandbubbles

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