A Calligraphy Starter Kit

One of my current mindfulness practices, as well as hidden talents, is calligraphy. It is a hobby for which my interest first sparked when I handled a hand-calligraphed wedding invitation and marveled at the swoops and swirls of the lettering. I was no older than ten at the time, but it was a landmark moment for me that sparked this lifelong interest. I had absolutely loved learning and practicing cursive in school and would continue to do so. For a long time I merely admired beautiful lettering when I saw it, but eventually decided to try it myself once I reached college age and simply and practice, practice, practice.

I calligraphed all of the envelopes for our engagement announcements, save the dates, wedding invitations and place cards, as well as the wedding invitations and place cards for a few friends. With each large-scale project that I would take on, I saw visible improvement in my confidence and muscle memory for forming letters. However, it was not until I found this YouTube Channel, a calligrapher for the Royal Family, that I really narrowed in on my favorite calligraphy lettering style (Copperplate) and have since devoted my hand to mastering this type. I purchased a well-known guide on teaching Copperplate, Mastering Copperplate Calligraphy, to hone my skills. I usually practice lettering on smooth quality, heavy-weight paper notebook. My favorite ink to use is black Sumi ink which flows very smoothly and dries with a subtle sheen and raised texture. I dispense it into a ceramic ink well, which I can also use for mixing watercolors and painting onto the pen for a beautiful writing effect. My favorite nib holder to use is a straight, wood pen, but some prefer an oblique shape (I would just try both to decide for yourself). While there are lots of different styles of nibs out there, I have found the best starter nib to be the Nikko G, which I use still almost exclusively still. It’s so much fun to elevate birthday envelopes and place cards with beautiful calligraphy, as it’s a detail not often seen these days. Why not try your try your hand at it?

A Calligraphy Starter Kit | @beesandbubbles
A Calligraphy Starter Kit | @beesandbubbles

What are your favorite calligraphy supplies?

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