Basement Guest Room Design

Recently, I shared my design board for our basement renovation project which shows the finishes I am selecting but the post mainly focuses on the living area. Our basement also has a craft room (here and here), full (tiny) bath, and a guest bedroom which we’ll also be addressing while we’re at it. The other half of the basement is a utility area where our furnace, water softener and hot water heater live. Also here is a cedar closet (which is being refreshed) and floor-to-ceiling shelving, so we are fortunate to have ample storage for keeping off-season items.

This basement guest bedroom is where my sister Christina stays when she visits because she has her own bathroom, and we teasingly refer to it as her ‘apartment.’ Each of the main finished areas (craft room, bedroom, and living room) each had their own paint color and design pre-flood, but I am making things much easier, and as a result I believe chicer by painting everything the same color, using the same flooring throughout, and ultimately unifying the overall vibe of our basement. The guest room will also be a warm neutral palette with just the essentials for an overnight guest. I have a vintage Kilim rug which will warm up the tile floor, white and beige bedding, and a simple carved wooden chair. I love the two bedroom images above, and am especially inspired by the textiles palette which would complement the multi-toned herringbone tile floor. I also have a little sunburst mirror which I will hang above the bed, which may be the only adornment this tiny space needs. To help the space feel bigger, I am adding a 6’ full-length beveled mirror at the entrance of the room which will reflect the natural light from the craft room at the opposite end of the hallway.


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