Blooms in Season | Autumn

As we transition into shorter days and cooler weather, and I mourn the seasonal ending of our farmer’s market, I was inspired to put together this part-foraged, part-home-grown arrangement to mark this shift. Marrying fall foliage of the Japanese maple branches with the end-of-summer dazzlers like dahlias and garden roses makes for a beautiful pairing to celebrate the new season. I also love this more subdued palette for autumn which is heavy on the rich tones, but unexpectedly airy with the injection of pale pink and lilac tones.

What’s in this arrangement?

  • Amaranth

  • ‘Café au Lait’ Dahlias

  • ‘The Generous Gardener’ Garden Roses

  • Hydrangeas

  • Hypericum

  • Japanese Maple

  • Sedum

  • Strawflower

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