Blooms in Season | Spring

Seasonally, I love to create flower arrangements out of what’s blooming in our yard. I was inspired to create this bouquet when I found a leafy, carrot-looking bunch of greenery that started sprouting up in my vegetable and cutting garden. I was so close to pulling it as a mystery weed, but glad I didn’t when it realized it was the frilly beauty, Chocolate Lace Flower, not yet blooming, that I had sown in the fall. Even before it blooms, its foliage is beautiful to tuck into arrangements not only to give some structure, but to add some whimsy. There’s also no shortage of beautiful bulbs in bloom right now, with a profusion of mid- and late-tulips, hyacinth and ranunculus popping up in the garden.

What’s in this arrangement?

  • Chocolate Lace Flower ‘Dara’ Daucus carota

  • Grape Hyacinth, Muscari armeniacum

  • Ranunculus ‘White’

  • Tulipa ‘Double Pink’

  • Tulipa ‘‘Queen of the Night’

  • Tulipa ‘Rosy Delight’

  • Tulipa ‘‘Shirley’

Blooms in Season | Spring @beesandbubbles

Blooms in Season | Spring @beesandbubbles

Blooms in Season | Spring @beesandbubbles

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