Cleaning Makeup Brushes

In a perfect world, we would all clean our makeup brushes weekly, but I won’t tell. It’s a really good idea to keep your tools clean not only to get a better makeup application, but to keep from spreading bacteria all over your face, risking breakouts. I wash my brushes with a combination of baby shampoo and tea tree oil to sanitize.

  1. First, I fill a bowl with luke warm water, a squirt of baby shampoo, and a few drops of tea tree oil.

  2. Next, I get the brush wet under running water, and work some baby shampoo into the bristles, rinse out the suds, and place the cleaned brush in the sanitizing bowl.

  3. Once I’ve gotten through cleaning all of the brushes, I swirl the brushes around in the sanitizing solution, and rinse with luke warm until the water runs clear.

  4. Gently wring out excess water and lay flat to dry on a towel. Do not keep your brushes soaking too long in water, as it can warp the handle.

Cleaning Makeup Brushes | @beesandbubbles
Cleaning Makeup Brushes | @beesandbubbles

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