Creating a Luxurious Guest Room

We gave our guest room the moniker ‘The Princess Suite’ (complete with an engraved brass tag on the door from our local award shop) because I wanted our invited company to always feel as though they’ve checked into a boutique, 5-star hotel. Rather than feeling like they’re just staying in a spare bedroom, giving the room a name has helped to convey a sense of luxury and imagination, even if for a brief visit. With the addition of a few niceties, your spare bedroom can be as inviting to visitors as any fine hotel room. Keep the closet and drawers free of clutter and any personal or storage items so that your guests don’t feel like they are intruding by opening doors and drawers. They should feel free to spread out and enjoy. By providing only the essentials and nothing more, the room will be luxurious in its minimalism, like a hotel.

In the closet, I provide a pair of white robes, two pairs of slippers, two stacks of towel sets, a luggage rack, a basket of amenities, and a little fan for sleepers who require white noise. I like to provide little luxuries as well: a crystal water carafe (filled daily), foil-wrapped chocolates, a beautiful candle and matches, a few cut blooms in a vase and a pretty jotting pad with a pen for a quick note. The room itself has a vanity table with mirror and bench, a queen-sized bed with crisp, white bedding, two nightstands, and a chair — that’s it. I also set out a linen guest book for guests to sign before they leave, which adds a fun, personal touch. I find that having all of these details prepared in advance that we’ve been able to welcome company on a moment’s notice, stress-free.

How do you like to make your overnight guests feel at home?

  1. Christina says:

    I love all of your flower arranging! Do you have any tips on how you make it look so balanced, yet whimsical?
    p.s. What a treat for anyone to stay in "The Princess Suite"

    • Thank you! I typically stick to a single flower type, or at least a single color palette rather than a mixed arrangement. I think flowers are more elevated when they don’t look so busy with a lot of colors. Another think I like to do is to add clippings of greenery to make it look more wild.

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