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As is now tradition with my sisters, I like to put together some of my favorite finds from throughout the year to give at Christmas. While 2020 was a year that had many challenges, it was one in which I embraced simple luxuries more than ever as a way to focus on the good. Here’s what I loved in 2020.

1. Antique Glazed Stoneware Bowl

After receiving a gift of sourdough starter from a friend (and fully participating in the bread-making craze and subsequent yeast shortage of 2020), I pulled out my previously only-decorative antique stoneware bowl to use for regular breadmaking. It’s a beautiful, and actually very functional piece that I enjoy using almost every week now, instead of letting it collect dust on a kitchen shelf. I picked up two more bowls at our local antique shop as a vessel to hold my other gifts…

2. Cheese Storage Bags

These storage bags are the best way to store cheese. They are made of wax-lined parchment that helps maintain enough moisture without promoting excess moisture that quickly leads to mold. Especially in a year when I have tried to limit grocery trips as much as possible, it’s been great to keep my favorite cheeses preserved for months at a time!

3. Nuxe Multi-Purpose Oil

I had actually brought this multi-purpose oil home from our last trip to Paris, but it was sitting in my bathroom drawer untouched since then. I love a good French pharmacy find, and this one is my newest obsession. I use this for everything! Oil cleanser, body moisturizer, hair oil, subtle perfume, cuticle moisturizer, bath oil, cheek highlight, shoulder glow… it smells so lovely, and whenever I can travel again, it will easily earn a spot in my edited-down travel beauty kit.

4. Amazon Basics 6′ USB Cord

While I quickly learned that being glued to my phone 24/7 refreshing the latest news and updates when the pandemic hit was not healthy, I still ended up clocking a lot of hours on my phone in 2020. It was my lifeline to the outside world I was missing, not to mention my 8-5 business phone. Teeny tiny phone cords weren’t cutting it, so I upgraded to this great (Champagne colored of course) 6′-foot long nylon braided, heavy duty USB cord to keep me charged at all times.

5. Bees & Bubbles Homemade Vanilla

Now that my homemade vanilla extract has been aging for a few years, I have so much of it, I wanted to bottle it up (I found these cute glass bottles at a craft store) to share as gifts. PSA: Making your own vanilla extract is life changing if you love to bake.

6. Bois de Balincourt Candle

2020 was the year of the candle. One great benefit working from home for part of the year, is that I got to enjoy my home office setup in our cozy study, drink my own hot tea or coffee and light a pretty candle. This clean fragrance was my absolute favorite and a repeat purchase. As far as quality, luxury candles go, this one is reasonable priced and the minimalist packaging is just right.

7. Bois de Balincourt Eau de Parfum and Perfume Oil

I fell so much in love with the slightly masculine and woodsy scent of the candle, I had to get the perfume as well. This lovely kit came with an eau de parfum and a perfume oil, which has even longer staying power. Maison Louis Marie is a French luxury perfume and candle brand made without toxic or environmentally harmful ingredients, never tested on animals, nor made with animal-derived ingredients. So chic!

Favorite Things 2020 | @beesandbubbles

Favorite Things 2020 | @beesandbubbles

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