Framed Vintage Paris Postcards

Walking along the banks of the Seine, you’ll come across the bouquinistes, or booksellers, selling books, art and ephemera from their iconic green boxes. I was browsing through some postcards looking for some to mail home and was thrilled when I cam across stacks and stacks of vintage postcards, complete with stamps, postmarks, and lovely calligraphed handwriting from a time gone by! For just a few euros, I picked out a stack of my favorites and decided I would do something special with them.

On the reverse of the postcards are photographs of places in Paris, but to me, the old postage and ink is so much more beautiful and personal, so that’s the side I featured in the frames. I got some white 11″ x 14″ frames that were already matted to 8″ x 10″. I applied sticky photo adhesive tabs (a great tool in your kit, many uses outside of affixing photos in a scrapbook) to corners of the image side of the postcards and mounted them on the center of a piece of textured ivory cardstock. Mounting the postcards on fabric is another idea if you wanted to add some more color or texture. Then I put the mounted postcards into the frames and hung them in pairs above our nightstands. The ones addressed to “Monsieur…” hang above Nathan’s side, and the ones to “Madame/Mademoiselle…” are above mine :).

Framed Vintage Paris Postcards | @beesandbubbles

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