How to Tie a Tiffany Bow

The most perfect box in the world comes tied with a perfectly-tied ribbon around it. What makes it so special? Besides being a visually pleasing bow, the ribbon is tied in such a way that it does not criss-cross at the bottom of the box, allowing it to sit flat on a surface. Also, the points of the ribbon cross perfectly across the diagonal of the box, as do the “bunny ears” of the bow, all balanced in perfect symmetry. After purchasing our wedding bands a few year ago, a very obliging sales lady indulged me with a mini-lesson in bow-tying at the Tiffany counter. She actually said that many newly affianced couples come back to the store to have their box re-tied once the question has been popped! If I haven’t lost you yet, here are step-by-step instructions to change your ribbon-tying game:

Of course this method applies to ANY box you would like to tie, start with plenty of ribbon because you can always trim up the points at the end to make your bow look balanced.

Let a few inches of ribbon hang over the side of the box. This piece will be one of the pointed ends. Press the ribbon with your thumb in the middle of the box.

Wrap the long end of the ribbon once around the box.

Holding the short pointed end in one hand, and the long end in the other, cross the two pieces to rotate the long end 45 degrees.

Now wrap the long end under the box and bring it back around to the top.

Still holding the short end taught with one hand, bring the long end across the crossed ribbon on the top of the box.

Tuck the long end under the crossed ribbon and form a “bunny ear.”

With the remaining slack from the long end, make another “bunny ear” and pinch each ear between your thumbs and forefingers.

Tie the “bunny ears” in a knot like you would tie your shoes.

Adjust your bow as needed to make the “bunny ears” even and cross them diagonally across your box. The points of the bow will naturally lay at a diagonal to the “bunny ears.” Trim the ribbon points so that they are even and cut at a 45 degree angle.

No criss-cross at the bottom!


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