Living Room Design

After spending so much time at home last year, and finding great comfort in the coziness of our living room TV and down-filled sofa, it was time to refresh some of the things that bothered me in this area (thank you, Great British Baking Show, for your calming and inspiring presence throughout quarantine). I created a mood board with my vision for a simple, pared down yet cozy and welcoming TV area which is connected to our kitchen.

When we moved in, there was a lot of built-in cabinetry on the TV wall meant for storage and hiding stereo and home theater components. Also here was a floor-to-ceiling cabinet and homework nook that we removed last year. Built-in speakers on the walls and ceiling that I felt looked ”busy” as well as acted dust magnets, I wanted to eliminate as well. The goal of this project was to strike the clunky storage and outdated tech, repair cracks in our ceiling and damaged drywall, and incorporate a new Samsung Frame TV and Sonos home theater setup. While we were at it, I also wanted to remove the overhead can lights and add sconce lighting on either side of the TV, as well as lamp lighting. In general, I stay away from can and some overhead lighting that shoots light straight downward, thereby illuminating the floor and creating unpleasant shadows. Instead I opt for more pleasing lamp, sconce and chandelier or pendant lighting that act to create more of a glow in any space by illuminating the walls and ceiling.Our old TV, speakers and cabinetry that was actually too small to contain any of the media components we hadOur old TV, speakers and cabinetry that was actually too small to contain any of the media components we had
Old TV setupOld TV setupCan lights, spot lights and speakers to be eliminatedCan lights, spot lights and speakers to be eliminated
We finished the construction portion of this project early this summer, but are still saving for a few key items. I would still like to add a cozy chair or two for additional guest seating, as well as a freestanding console furniture piece in place of the built-in storage we removed. Because this room is connected with our kitchen, we’ll be waiting until we remodel our kitchen before replacing the floor. Though our living room is not yet “done,” I’ll be sharing soon how this space turned out!

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