Loire Valley Breakfast in Bed

Once upon a time, we stayed in a little attic room of a French château in the Loire Valley and for breakfast, were presented with the most beautiful tray of farm-fresh delicacies I have ever seen. I still dream about this breakfast, and it is a source of inspiration I draw on for whenever we host guests, or for an indulgent weekend breakfast on our own. It included: fresh fruit, soft-boiled eggs, homemade apple compote, baguette, brioche, croissants, freshly-squeezed orange juice, local yogurt with fresh peaches, incredible butter, rolls of ham and of course, coffee. Though I am not a fan of eating in bed per se, I love the idea of putting together a breakfast tray, lined with a beautiful linen towel, and filled with a generous array of your favorite, quality breakfast foods.

What would be on your breakfast tray?

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