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Of all the rooms in your house, the bedroom should be the most restful and calm-inspiring, serving as your retreat at the end of the day. I have long loved a classic neutral room and my heart fluttered at the sight of the master bedroom at the beautiful Patina Farm in Ojai, CA. It is light-filled and bright with a very limited palette of soft whites and cream tones. Though primarily white, it is in no way stark, but made warm by the sumptuous textures of velvet and linen, sparse gilded touches, the French white oak flooring and the emphasis on the calming, natural view outdoors.

In our North-facing bedroom, I want to maximize the light and will be painting it the same soft white as most of the rest of our house which will feel cool in the summer, and happy in the shorter, dark days of winter. I also never stray from white bedding, and love the feel of sleeping on linen. I am not too precious about it getting wrinkled either. I found our bed coverlet at a flea market in Paris, and after I wash it on warm, I lay it out flat to dry on our bed and smooth the creases out while damp. I find white bedding the easiest to care for since you can bleach anything out of it back to pristine condition. Our ceilings are too low for a chandelier, but the crystal flushmount we have in here on a dimmer adds a soft glow when needed; otherwise, we rely on lamp light. I think every bed should have a bench on its end ,space permitting, for putting on shoes, or a place to lay things out and I found the most beautiful antique iron bench last year that I had recovered in a Champagne-colored velvet. The last few touches in our bedroom will be to have new floors laid and to add new double doors in our standard 36” opening. I love the idea of a knotty pine door with unlacquered brass doorknobs to add some warmth to break up the white walls and I will lime the wood to add some age and make the doors appear antique.

Bedroom image via

Bedroom image via

Crystal Flushmount | Cast Iron Bench | Bergère Chair | Pine Doors | Brass Doorknobs | Upholstered Bed | Tapestry Pillow | Air Register Cover | Oak Flooring

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