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Everyone has a few favorite things that make the days run smoother, or items that when you’re away from home you miss. Today I am sharing what I either reach for on a regular basis, or buy multiples of again and again. Some of these things are a bit of an investment and others cost hardly anything at all, but however silly, each has been a game-changer in its own way.

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  1. Ember Mug — Of all the items I am sharing, this one’s been the most transformative in terms of my daily routine. In the mornings as I get ready for the day, I would previously go back and forth to the kitchen to microwave my coffee no fewer than three times (and sometimes need to transfer to a microwavable mug in the process since I insisted on drinking from a gold-rimmed mug). Or on the weekends, I would pour myself a cup and then zip all around the house only to return to my cold coffee. No more! This mug is rechargeable and syncs to an app to set your perfect temperature and the charge lasts long enough for me to enjoy each warm sip.

  2. USB Rechargeable Candle Lighter — Another techie item, this came from my sister, Britta, for Christmas and I love it! I really like my Zippo candle lighter, too, but I pretty regularly need to refill it with butane. This charges in less than 15 minutes and creates taser-like charge that can light candles, Catwoman-style!

  3. Anastasia Brow Wiz — I would freak out if I ran out of this pencil, which is why I always have three on hand. I use Medium Brown and Taupe depending on the day.

  4. Natori Feathers Bras — These are super comfortable, pretty and I have a couple in nude and black. Easy peasy.

  5. Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré — I have sung the praises of this LaMer-like creme here and here.

  6. Muji Pens — I love these pens so much and keep one in my day planner, purse, desk, car, etc. I get the 0.5MM and buy them in bulk! They’re the perfect gel pen for me.

  7. Hermès Oran Sandals — These were a splurge gift to myself. I wear these on weekends around the house, or to dress up a casual outfit, and pack them in my travel bag to wear as hotel slippers. An investment piece for sure, but they barely show any wear and are extremely well-made and super comfortable.

  8. Beats Studio3 Wireless Headphones — These are the second pair I have owned of these after I was too aggressive with my first pair and snapped them. I don’t think it necessarily speaks to the quality of construction so much as my need to be more careful in the future. I needed to replace them immediately because I use these almost every day for housework or going on walks to listen to podcasts and music.

  9. Cheese Storage Bags — Take it from someone who has had to throw out a lot of good cheese to say that these bags are the best! They are breathable so cheese doesn’t get moldy fast like in a plastic bag. And bonus, they’re compostable!

  10. Oribe Dry Texture Spray — Is this a dry shampoo? Texturing spray? Volumizer? Hair spray? Yes, and it smells amazing, too.

  11. Helly Hansen Nova Puffer Vest — I bought this last minute for a ski trip because I was afraid I didn’t have enough layers (and it turned out I was right), but now I wear it all the time in my everyday life. While the weather is transitional, and even on a pretty chilly winter day, this puffer vest plus long sleeves is enough to keep me warm on a long walk, or for wearing around the house.

  12. Hourglass Ambient Lighting Finishing Powder — I practically never fall prey to makeup counter demonstrations, but just this once at Blue Mercury, I was so glad I did. I got my makeup refreshed at the Hourglass counter (which by the way is vegan and cruelty-free) and really loved everything, but I especially loved what the makeup artist called “an Instagram filter for your face.” This powder looks like it would be a highlight color, and the suggestion of applying it all over my face was conjuring moon-faced images and starting to make me panic. But trust her I did and it’s actually a really beautiful product that gives you a diffused glow and blends with your base makeup beautifully. Sometimes I just buff it on with nothing else for a slight blurring effect.

  1. Melva Breitenstein says:

    Can we please talk more about that “blurring effect”?! It seems I need more blurring theses days!

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