My Entertaining Journal

A while back, I came across the most beautiful leather-bound journal in a bridal magazine from British leather goods maker, Smythson. I think it was in the context of wedding gift ideas, and this was a journal where you could record the details of your parties and entertaining in your home, an idea which really spoke to me. On the cover, it was cleverly and simply titled “Brunches, Lunches, Suppers, Dinners” and inside for each entry was a two-page spread where you could record your guests in attendance, or even plan their seating around a table, the date, food and drinks served, and any remarks. At the time, I couldn’t justify its several-hundred dollar price tag, but I also could never forget what a great idea it was and since just before we were married, I have kept notes for the special events and parties we have hosted at home and even particularly noteworthy dinner menus like for Valentine’s Day, etc. across various journals or scraps of paper kept in my recipe binder.

I had a light bulb moment while recently editing through my home office/library when I came across this unused, complementary journal I had with my initials — I could make my own Smythson-inspired entertaining journal! With the help of my Cricut for the cover, some photo corner tabs, and a little patience, I recreated the template on the pages of my journal and have gone back with all of my various notes, and scrap pages to fill in menus, guests, dates, what I wore, remarks and more into this new journal. I have loved this process of revisiting past parties and menus and it not only serves as a great source of inspiration for future events, as well as reference for what not to repeat or what to make again, but a sweet reminder of so many high points and people in our lives. See what the inspiration journal looks like here on my Pinterest.

My Entertaining Journal | @beesandbubbles
My Entertaining Journal | @beesandbubbles
  1. Rebecca Aguilar says:

    I actually have one of those journals. Brand new, purchased on Bond street Would you be interested in purchasing for a reasonable price?

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