A Proper Mending Kit

Being prepared for a sartorial mishap is one of the satisfying markers of adulthood. I believe that this preparedness begins with a proper mending kit and a little home economics know-how. While the freebie mending kit you got from your hotel room can get you by in a pinch, it’s likely not going to allow you to make a long-lasting repair. To start, I recommend selecting a collection of quality cotton or silk threads that represent the majority of colors in your closet to keep on hand. These other items will round out your kit:

  • Dedicated container for your kit, which can also act as a collection spot for all the extra buttons and threads that come with your clothing

  • Box of safety pins

  • Straight pins, for pinning fabric together while you stitch

  • Pin cushion, to store your pins and needles

  • Hand sewing needles in varying thickness, for varying fabric weights

  • Pair of scissors, dedicated to this kit and used only for snipping thread to keep their sharpness (makes needle threading infinitely easier)

A Proper Mending Kit | @beesandbubbles

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