A new front door has been a project I had been long researching. Because a front door is the first impression for guests, in many ways it should encapsulate the essence of your home’s style. Looking through one of my favorite design books, I found an image of a very beautiful interior oak door in […]

Belgian Farmhouse-Inspired Front Door


The last thing I want to do in the summer is turn on the oven unnecessarily so the crock pot becomes this cook’s tool of choice. I made this classic family recipe for July 4th weekend. While it’s good for a crowd as a side dish, it’s also worthy as a standalone main and even […]

Cowboy Beans

July 6, 2023

The measure of good weather is a meal outdoors. While we’re at least a month away from being able to enjoy such an extravagance, I look forward to the return of greenery and setting a pretty table on our deck. I had set up this brunch table to celebrate my sister’s birthday last summer. I […]

Birthday Brunch


There’s nothing I love much more than fresh flowers, and would love to tuck them into every corner of my house. That’s obviously not practical year-round, especially when the garden is dormant. The flower water must be changed daily, the vase cleaned, the ends re-snipped, any wilting bits pulled out… Because I love the impact […]

Decorating with Dried Florals

February 2, 2023

To me, the most marvelous flower arrangements evoke a time and place. I was inspired by wild black raspberry branches currently in season in the woods nearby our house. I gathered some other wildflowers to fill it out, as well as roses currently blooming in my garden. I arranged the branches in this crystal compote, […]

Blooms in Season | Summer

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We’re well into May, but this weekend will be the first weekend it truly feels like spring because I’ll have time to work in the garden and set out our outdoor furniture for the season. The garden is waking up and there are weeds to pull, cutting garden seeds to sow, and garden beds to […]

Spring Shop

May 7, 2022

Just in time for Easter, daffodils, grape hyacinths, early tulips, wild bluebells and my favorite native Dutchman’s Breetches are coming up in the garden. My favorite way to decorate for any holiday is to use a minimum of holiday-specific pieces that I’ll have to store, and instead bring the outdoors in for a seasonal touch. […]

Easter Greetings

A trousseau is the tradition of receiving a particular set of wedding gifts meant to last more than a generation. It includes white linens (often monogrammed with the bride’s initials) and also china and silver. Now that we are returning to somewhat “normal life,” weddings and showers are happily returning too. According to etiquette tradition, […]

Bridal Gifts

March 30, 2022

Swedish semlor (semla is for a singular bun) are a yeasted, cardamom-scented, almond paste and cream-filled bun traditionally enjoyed during the Lenten season, especially on Fat Tuesday. They are so decadent and delicious that they are absolutely worth the time in the kitchen. Best enjoyed with a cup of coffee for a whimsical afternoon treat! […]

Swedish Semlor

Classic white dinnerware is never out of season. “French porcelain” may sound fussy, but in fact, it’s one of the most durable materials you can select for everyday dishes or fine dining. I didn’t register for a china pattern and instead opted for the beauty and simplicity of white porcelain. I selected our dishes from […]

Everyday French Porcelain

February 20, 2022