Everyday French Porcelain

Classic white dinnerware is never out of season. “French porcelain” may sound fussy, but in fact, it’s one of the most durable materials you can select for everyday dishes or fine dining. I didn’t register for a china pattern and instead opted for the beauty and simplicity of white porcelain. I selected our dishes from French porcelain maker, Apilco, and loved their ‘Tuileries’ style. To this day, we have lost very few of those pieces to breakage, and have grown our collection with some additional items from this brand as well as several pieces of white serveware from another classic French porcelain company, Pillivuyt.

Porcelain is incredibly sturdy and resistant to chipping. It is microwave, dishwasher, freezer and oven safe up to 550ºF! I often reheat leftovers directly on a plate or shallow bowl in the oven which can go straight to the table (with a placemat) when ready. Of course it’s a natural for baking in general. I love my collection of pretty, white porcelain baking dishes which are lovely enough to display on a shelf as a collection when not in use.

Perhaps the most versatile of the assemblage are my little porcelain ramekins which can be used for baking desserts like crème brûlée or pots de crème, serveware for side dishes at a meal, for dips or ingredient prep. I also really love our deep Pillyvut Cecil bowl which is excellent for making a giant salad, serving pasta, or displaying fruit. We make coffee all the time at home and love the Apilco Très Grand cups for lattes or cappuccinos, the Apilco Tuileries coffee cups for French press or pour-over coffee, and the Apilco Tuileries espresso cups for double shots or macchiatos. For such a versatile and strong material that porcelain is, it’s amazingly lightweight and thin making it an elegant dining companion whether it’s morning cereal or a candlelit dinner.

Pedestal Bowl | Très Grande Coffee Cup & Saucer | Oval-Eared Dish | Baking Dish | Cecil Bowl | Ramekin | Tuileries Espresso Cup & Saucer | Footed Coffee Bowl | Tuileries Set | Serving Platter | Tart Dish | Milk Jug

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