Chanel-Inspired Décor Elements

The site of the revered fashion house of Chanel at 31 Rue Cambon in Paris is not only home to the brand’s flagship store, but above it, Coco Chanel’s apartment. The name ‘Chanel’ is synonymous with good taste and elegance. Within this classic, cream-colored building with clean lines and black accents lies a great juxtaposition. Designed by Coco herself, her incredibly sophisticated apartment is a luxe and ornate space that exists in opposition to the simplicity of the building’s façade.

31 Rue Cambon perfectly encapsulates everything admirers of this fashion universe love: simplicity of palette and classic design elements dripping with luxurious details. Closed to the public, I found a video tour of Coco Chanel’s apartment given to British Vogue (linked below), and was so inspired by the warmth and discernment of the space, which is practically unchanged since she lived there. To bring a little bit of 31 Rue Cambon into your home, here some of Coco Chanel’s signature design elements.

Chanel Décor Elements

  • Color palette of beige, black, gold, brown, honey and cinnabar

  • Perfectly tailored white and cream curtains

  • Glittering chandeliers in brass, crystal and glass

  • Coromandel screens, glossy black and etched with camellias, her signature flower

  • Luxe fabric textures like gold bouclé and beige suede

  • Mirrors and Venetian glass

  • Objets d’art, including a birdcage, quartz crystals, and animal figurines

  • Camellia and gardenia motifs

  • Leather-bound books in deep tones of brown

  • Wheat sheaf design elements, including a coffee table and sconces

  • Gold gilded objects, including boxes and a Giocometti hand sculpture

  • Astrological phenomena, including gold Venetian lions (Coco Chanel’s zodiac sign was Leo)

  • Statues, including a pair of deer

Chanel-Inspired Décor Elements | @beesandbubbles

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