Detailing Our Samsung Frame TV

This is the TV that launched a (multi) thousand-dollar mini remodel. I have never spent this much money on a TV before, but it has been worth every penny. When we decided to pull the trigger on it plus upgrading and simplifying our home theater system, I didn’t want something so pretty to be installed with old speaker holes and asymmetrical cabinetry, so we did a partial demolition project and remodel. (You can read more about our living room mini-remodel here.)

We purchased the 65” size Samsung Frame TV which is just the right scale for our room. I am normally not a fan of enormous TVs but only because they become “black holes” in any room. When the black screen is replaced by tasteful artwork, I can be convinced otherwise! The TV comes standard with a subtle black frame, but you can customize the look with a snap-on bezel to further blend with your décor. We ordered the “beige” Samsung bezel but it also comes in a few other colors. The TV comes with a mounting frame which hangs stationary on the wall; it does not swivel or tilt. The super thin profile of the TV and specialized mount allow the TV to hang flush with the wall which gives the realistic feel of art.

The spiderweb of cables you need for a modern TV experience are simplified with the One Connect box. After installing the mount with toggle bolts (which hold 100 lbs each), we threaded the One Connect cord (which delivers power and internet to the TV in one cable) through a single hidden hole we made behind the TV. This hidden cord runs behind the wall and out through a tidy, newly installed outlet box with a round wall plate cover near the baseboard and plugs into the One Connect box. This box is WiFi enabled, but you can also choose to plug an ethernet cable directly into it. Anything you would normally need to plug into the TV you just plug into the little hidden box instead and cords can stay invisible! Of course the TV has a bunch of apps. Since we rarely use a DVD player anymore, where we once employed 3+ remotes for various implements (stereo receiver, DVD, AppleTV, Roku…), we now use only one because of all the apps.

It’s so much fun to switch up the art for special occasions (since you can upload any personal photos you like!) but I love the serene feel it lends to our living space in the every day. While we still need to order some chairs and a media cabinet for here, the TV alone has done so much to elevate our living room!

Detailing Our Samsung Frame TV | @beesandbubblesDetailing Our Samsung Frame TV | @beesandbubblesDetailing Our Samsung Frame TV | @beesandbubblesDetailing Our Samsung Frame TV | @beesandbubblesDetailing Our Samsung Frame TV | @beesandbubblesDetailing Our Samsung Frame TV | @beesandbubblesDetailing Our Samsung Frame TV | @beesandbubblesDetailing Our Samsung Frame TV |@beesandbubbles.jpg

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