Desk Drawer Essentials

There’s something about a well-organized drawer that’s just so satisfying. My home office desk has two shallow drawers (which don’t allow clearance for most traditional drawer organizers) which at first I saw as a storage challenge, but have since embraced since they don’t allow for things to get too out of control since I can see everything in a single layer. I love employing the KonMari tip of using boxes within boxes, so I have a variety of repurposed storage containers (old Birchboxes and candy tins) holding various categories of items within the drawers. Here’s everything I like to keep handy for a well-supplied desk which covers me from bill-paying, labeling and file organization to thank you note-writing and birthday card making.

Desk Drawer Essentials | @beesandbubbles.jpg
Desk Drawer Essentials | @beesandbubbles

1. Metallic paint pens, calligraphy markers, and ink pens make for special card labeling

2. Archival quality glue stick safe for photos, correction tape, eraser pen and brass pencil sharpener

3. Pretty to-do list, cat pen, and Japanese brush pen

4. Collection of colorful Gelly Rolls and Le Pens which make to-do lists and note-taking more fun

5. Lip balm

6. All-purpose notecards and mini notes for a quick note of thanks

7. Stamps and envelope seals for cards, glue pen for glitter lettering, and baker’s twine for gift tags

8. Sticky tabs for file folder and day planner organization

Desk Drawer Essentials | @beesandbubbles

9. Calculator for household expense tracking and budgeting

10. Ink pad for our return address stamp that lives on my desk

11. Dog bone paper clips (very necessary)

12. Sharp scissors, reserved for paper only

13. Tassel paper clips

14. Gold bee push pins for the cork board above my desk

15. Paris sticky notes for a regular reminder of my favorite place

16. Fraud prevention pens for check writing

What are your desk drawer essentials?

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  1. Christina says:

    I’m looking for colorful pens to use in my 2020 planner! Do the pens listed ‘Le Pen’ bleed through the paper?

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