Tiffany’s Table Manners

Tiffany’s Table Manners for Teenagers is a lovely little handbook, filled with simple and chic illustrations, written for the adolescent audience but applicable to all. It was originally published in 1961 and re-released back into print for its fiftieth anniversary. It would make for a splendid gift marking a graduation, or other significant occasion, especially when accompanied by a little blue box.

Its tone is cheeky yet helpful, making learning etiquette approachable rather than a stern set of rules to be obeyed (which good manners are certainly not). For instance, when one is seated at a dinner table, it is good manners to turn to the guest on your right and strike up a conversation, and as the book puts it, not to look like a ‘startled beetle.’ At the heart of etiquette and good manners is kindness and showing respect for your host and company, which is what this little manual beautifully conveys.

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  1. Melva says:

    Love the fact that you are promoting fine, classic style!!

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