Fabric-Covered Lamp Shade

I have been on a tear in the craftiness department lately, in particular with my stock of samples of very pretty fabrics that I’ve been trying to reimagine into our décor (most recently here and here). The challenge with fabric samples, of course, is that you have such a small amount with which to work, but very often constraints breed creativity. In my dressing room, I have a couple of lamps with plain white drum shades. They’re inoffensive as-is, but certainly nondescript.

It’s very common in British decorating to cover lamp shades in fabric, but something I have never tried before now. I dipped my toe into this idea with a very neutral fabric, which also reminds me of the Venetian lamp shades I admire so much. Among my fabric samples was this pretty sheer fabric with white floral embroidery, I had just enough to cover two small lamp shades. In about an hour with some fabric glue and white grosgrain ribbon to finish the edges, I had two very lovely lamp shades which certainly make more of a statement, albeit subtle, than a plain shade.

Fabric-Covered Lamp Shades | @beesandbubbles

Fabric-Covered Lamp Shade | @beesandbubbles

Fabric-Covered Lamp Shade | @beesandbubbles

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