First Class Flight Kit

When you aren’t sitting in first class, but would like to pretend, you can travel with some essentials to bring a little luxury to economy. I put together this kit that I keep in my carry-on to help keep me feeling fresh and ready for landing. I found the perfect travel bag from Truffle, the Clarity Jetset Case, that chicly fits all my in-flight amenities. Plus, it’s TSA approved.

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L’Occitane Moisture Mask

I like to do a mask during a long flight, this one is perfect because it’s individually packaged and it’s clear and I don’t look crazy.

Embroylisse 24 Hour Miracle Cream

This is the best moisturizer ever, not a bit greasy, but deeply moisturizing. Once I’m done masking, I slather this all over my face and neck.

Caudalie Beauty Elixir

This face spray smells really refreshing and I spritz it over my mask, or anytime to wake up my skin.

Sleep Mask

An excellent replica of Holly Golightly’s iconic mask from Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

Rohto Hydra Eye Drops

Because airplane humidity is so low, it’s easy to get dry eyes. These cooling drops help me look a lot more rested.

L’Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream

This is a lovely, non-greasy hand moisturizer.

Eau Thermale Avène Spring Water

Literally just water in a can, but it feels amazing to spritz on your face when you feel weary after a long flight.

Toothbrush and Marvis Jasmin Mint Toothpaste

Keeping your toothbrush and toothpaste handy is a very good idea.

Perfume Rollerball

I like Bobbi Brown’s Beach scent because it’s clean, fresh and relatively subtle. Be mindful of your seatmates and don’t bring something overpowering.

Dr. Lipp Original Nipple Balm for Lips

Funny name, but really great product. It’s natural lanolin which gives your lips a subtle, moisturizing sheen like a gloss, but without the stickiness. I also like to apply it to my cuticles to keep them from splitting.

Lavender Tea Sachet

I travel with my favorite tea and ask for hot water during the drink service. Lavender is a soothing scent and I feel like the steam it emits during steeping is almost like a mini spa treatment.

Makeup Wipes

Having wipes on hand is a great idea for not only your face, but to clean up your hands after a snack without leaving your seat.

Wet Ones

These days, I don’t leave home without these antibacterial wipes to swab down every surface I am about to touch. Don’t forget the seatbelt!

bkr Glass Water Bottle

I fill this bottle at the drinking fountain and drink all of it before boarding the flight. Then, I refill it right before boarding to stay hydrated.

Cashmere Travel Wrap

It does triple duty as a pillow, blanket, and a scarf to keep me cozy.

Compression Socks

As soon as I’m seated, I take my shoes off and put on these super attractive, tall, black socks that help improve circulation while you’re seated. Plus, I try to stand up a lot or generally fidget to minimize the effects of decreased circulation during a long flight.

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