French Press

Making French press coffee is one of my favorite weekend indulgences. Normally I try to limit my caffeine intake to a single cup a day, but on a Saturday, I can throw caution to the wind and drink the good stuff all day long. What’s wonderful about a French press is that it is easy to brew, easy to clean (dishwasher safe), and it doesn’t take up counter space so you can store and pull it out when you need it. Also, if you are a tea drinker, it’s great for brewing loose leaf teas. Here’s how to brew a perfect press.

  1. Heat a tea kettle of hot water and bring to a boil. Warm the glass basin while you do the next step.

  2. Measure out about 8 tablespoons of coffee and grind to a coarse, breadcrumb consistency.

  3. Discard the warming water, and add coffee to the glass basin. Pour water over the grounds, enough just to cover and allow the coffee to “bloom” for about 30 seconds. Then fill the press up, leaving about 1” at the top. Start your timer for four minutes.

  4. After a minute, stir the coffee with a wooden spoon and put the top on the press without pressing it down.

  5. At four minutes, press firmly all the way down. Serve and enjoy! I like to keep a tea towel wrapped through the handle to insulate the glass and keep my coffee warm as long as possible.

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