Mexican Hot Chocolate

I discovered this organic Mexican chocolate on a trip to Boston (the company is based in Massachusetts). Their website has lots of recipes and suggestions for how to use their chocolate, but I think none can be better than to drink it! While this chocolate comes in a variety of flavors, my favorite is the cinnamon-flavored chocolate. Here is their method for making a traditional Oaxacan-style hot chocolate.

Mexican Hot Chocolate


  • 1 2.75 oz Taza chocolate disc

  • 16 oz water, nearly boiling


1. Heat water until just under boiling.

2. Grate chocolate disc on a box grater. When you get down to the nub, spare your fingers and just leave that piece. Add this larger piece to your chocolate mixing vessel, as it will eventually melt.

3. In a heat-safe pitcher, add the chocolate (plus nub) and pour in 16 oz of water. Holding a whisk up and down between your two hands in a rubbing motion, froth the chocolate and water, aerating the mixture until you create a foam. Pour and serve.

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