Monogram Cake Topper

I wanted to have a monogram cake topper for our wedding cake. Instead of buying it, I made it! It was easy, cost very little, and is a pretty decoration I will continue to pull out on our anniversaries. The key to the high-impact glamour is the German glass glitter I used. Glass glitter creates and elegant, almost glowing, candlelight effect that cannot be matched by “regular” glitter. Here’s how to make a cake topper:

  1. Print out your desired letter or shape on plain paper. I typed my letter in a script font in a word document and kept sizing up as large as it would allow me to print.

  2. Cut out your letter; I used an Exacto knife for this part.

  3. Trace your letter twice onto two pieces of thin cardboard and cut them out.

  4. With a foam brush, apply a layer of Mod Podge on the outward facing side of your letter, then apply glitter until coated. Remember that you will be glittering one forward-facing letter, and one backward-facing letter.

  5. Sandwich the two cardboard letters around two (or more) skewers which will be inserted into your cake. Hot glue the letters onto each other with the skewers between.

Monogram Cake Topper | @beesandbubbles
Monogram Cake Topper | @beesandbubbles (2).JPG
Monogram Cake Topper | @beesandbubbles (4).JPG
Monogram Cake Topper | @beesandbubbles (3).JPG

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