Paris Map Home Décor

I like looking at décor catalogs to see all the pretty things and to get styling ideas. In one of my favorite catalogs was a map of Paris, broken into nine gilded frames and selling for almost $1,000. I loved it, and decided I could put together my own version – for $10.

I found the map online at the Library of Congress (what I have linked here is not quite the same, I cannot seem to find what I was able to originally download, but this one is very similar). This map is available for download in a large TIF format. I took screenshots of each of the nine segments, then printed them onto high quality printer paper. Then I got some plain black document frames at the dollar store, spray painted them gold, and framed each to hang on the wall!

Paris Map Home Décor | @beesandbubbles
Paris Map Home Décor | @beesandbubbles

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