Mud Room Design

We have a perfectly lovely and functional laundry room, but when we seek to remodel our combined kitchen and family room, the laundry room will echo the aesthetic of the kitchen finishes with the cabinetry, stone selections, and paint. We do not have a pantry, but I would like our laundry room/mud room to shoulder some of the dry good and dishware storage overflow of the kitchen with more cabinetry. By adding cabinets in here, we’ll be able to remove some of the existing cabinet locations in the kitchen and open up space for a wall of windows instead. As you can see in the laundry room link, we have a large open area with hanging rods which I use for drying clothes, but I would prefer a solution with a smaller footprint because I feel this is wasted space. I’d also like to configure a drying solution that is hidden when not in use to minimize visual clutter.

We’ll also install a continuous soapstone countertop across the washer and dryer divided in the middle by a florist’s sink. The inspiration image of the sink and cabinetry above is exactly how I would love to lay out our new utility sink and on either side of the sink will be our washer and dryer, plus any lower cabinet configuration that can fit. I would love to have a place other than the kitchen sink to spread out and create floral arrangements, wash the dogs, and tackle other messy jobs. Another idea I am particularly delighted by is adding radiant heat beneath the château-esque limestone floor in here, which our dogs will certainly enjoy throughout the frigid months, as well as my insistence to be barefoot as much as possible. Since this room sits on a concrete slab and has a northern exposure, it gets particularly cold in here, and the little space heater we use can only do so much. The palette will be serene and carried over from the rest of the house; not a bad place for folding towels!

  1. Melva Breitenstein says:

    I hope you are keeping your ironing board cover!

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