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I will forever buy new school supplies in September. And of course, this “grown-up” school supply list wouldn’t be complete without a candle for your desk! I especially love this scent from Byredo which is meant to be reminiscent of old books, so I enjoy burning this one in our home library. This is also the time of year when next year’s calendars and planner inserts start to become available. I have long admired the work of the artist Inslee who has for several years created calendars featuring her art. I was delighted when she announced a collaboration with a leather goods company for a day planner, and have been reordering inserts ever since. I try to keep my desk drawers and general supply levels in check (office supplies are one of those weak spots for me that I have a hard time resisting). These are the things I reorder again and again.

  1. Muji Pens

  2. Desktop Calendar

  3. Day Planner Inserts

  4. Blackwing Pencils

  5. Refillable Fountain Pen and Ink

  6. Correction Tape

  7. Thank You Notes

  8. Glue Sticks

  9. Planner Tabs

  10. Byredo ‘Bibliotheque’ Candle

Back to School | @beesandbubbles

Back to School | @beesandbubbles

What’s on your ‘back to school’ supply list?

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