Perfect Pour Over Coffee

Making a really good cup of coffee at home is one of my favorite simple luxuries. I typically limit myself to a single cup a day, so I focus on making it a quality one. I’ve loved making coffee with a French press, but am a recent convert to the pour over method. Here is how I make my perfect cup.

1. Start with good beans

Using quality, whole beans that you grind just before you make your coffee is key to good, fresh flavor. Our current favorite coffee is Super Tuscan from The Roasterie in Kansas City, which we have delivered monthly. So good.

2. Heat water in kettle

Let water heat on the stovetop until just boiling and remove from heat. Use fresh water from the tap, or even better, filtered water.

3. Set up your stand

The pour over setup I use is linked below, and consists of a scale and drip timer in one, acrylic stand, ceramic dripper, glass server, and paper filters.

4. Measure and grind beans

The ratio of coffee to water is completely personal, but I prefer a stronger cup. Using the coffee scale, I measure 20g of whole beans, then grind to a gritty, not-too-fine consistency like sand.

5. Place paper filter into ceramic dripper

Moisten the filter and allow water to drip through to the glass server. This action serves the purposes of both removing a paper taste from the coffee you’re about to brew, and warms your glass server. Pour hot water to warm your coffee mug while you’re at it. Discard water before brewing coffee.

6. Add coffee to filter

Once the coffee is on the scale, tare to zero so you can measure water you’re going to add. First you will pour over 25g of water and start the timer. Allow the coffee to bloom for 30 seconds. Then continue to pour the hot water around the sides of the filter until the water reaches 250g. Allow to drip for 4 minutes.

7. Enjoy!

I always add a little half and half or full fat milk to my coffee, since fat helps to enhance the flavor of the coffee, as opposed to skim milk or flavored creamers. For sweetness, I add a little raw sugar which adds a caramel-y note, rather than regular sugar.

Perfect Pour Over Coffee | @beesandbubbles
Perfect Pour Over Coffee | @beesandbubbles
Perfect Pour Over Coffee | @beesandbubbles

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